The Signs of Burnout and How to Overcome Them

Signs of burnout and how to overcome them

Mental burnout can affect every facet of your life -- from your professional productivity to your overall well-being. 

Today, 75% of workers report feeling burned out. And the majority of us don’t notice until we’re completely overwhelmed. 

In the Mogul community, we believe in an integrated approach where workers and caregivers don’t have to prioritize the workplace over their well-being. Take charge of your mental health to avoid burnout and cut it off before it worsens.

Know the signs and catch burnout early

Burnout can show up in a few different ways. If you're noticing any of these symptoms below, you're likely experiencing some level of burnout:

  • Struggling to find motivation for your work

If you previously enjoyed your work but now struggle to stay motivated throughout the day, that’s a sign you need a change.

  • Feeling foggy, forgetful, or having difficulty concentrating

Assuming you had a restful night's sleep (and maybe a cup of coffee), you should feel ready to take on the day. But if you find yourself still feeling foggy during what should be your most productive hours, this could be a sign of burnout.

  • Showing frustration or irritability to your colleagues

We all get frustrated at work. But if you feel the increasing urge to behave unprofessionally, it’s a sign that more is going on.

  • Experiencing unexplained muscle pain or tension

This is when burnout starts to become a physical health issue. It can wreak havoc on your posture and lead to other aches and pains.

Reducing the causes of your burnout will help with these physical manifestations of your stress.

Slow down and find the cause

When you're starting to experience burnout, audit your current daily workflow. 

Allow yourself time to reflect on your past few weeks or months to find areas in your life you feel might be negatively affecting your health.

Relieving yourself of burnout is often a task of spot reduction, so try to be as specific as possible. 

Make the easiest changes first

It’s rarely only one thing that is causing your burnout. Instead, burnout often stems from the compounding effects of bad habits and negative environments over time.

Once you have listed the things in your life that are not working, start by fixing the ones you can do instantly. 

Whether going to bed a little bit earlier, exercising a few times a week, or eating as healthy as possible, make sure you first get the foundational things right.

Set clear boundaries

Given everything going on in the world today, it's never been more important to set boundaries. We all need to make sure we care for our mental and physical well-being throughout our work week. 

There are three key boundaries we suggest:

  • Schedule breaks throughout the day

No different than scheduling meetings, give yourself a few 15-minute breaks throughout the day. These are mental health-specific breaks. Take the 15-minutes to go outside, go for a walk, stretch, or do anything that allows you to disconnect from your device and reconnect with yourself.

  • Only schedule meetings during a specific block of time

Admittedly, not everyone has this luxury. But if you have a flexible schedule, try to schedule your meetings in blocks throughout the week—that way, you leave yourself specific time slots for deep-focused work. 

  • End work at a reasonable hour

How many times have you said, “just 15 more minutes, and then I'll call it quits for the day,” to pick your head up to see another two hours gone by and you're late to spend time with family? 

Especially in remote and hybrid work environments, it's easy to let the workday blur into the quiet hours of the night. Pick a time to finish work, stick to it, and live to work another day.

Consider a job or role change

Is it your job itself that is causing you stress? In an ideal world, you can talk to your manager about the negative parts of your job, which will help rebalance your work. 

We also want you to feel free to make a big change if you need one. 

Imagine living in a new role. Does that possibility make your jaw unclench and your shoulders relax? It may be time to move on to the next chapter of your career. It isn’t worth your health to put up with a job that causes you burnout levels of stress.

Lean on your community

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Stop burnout in its tracks

Follow these tips next time you’re experiencing burnout. Join Mogul Premium to share your perspective with our community about how you overcome burnout. Your insights matter, and you might be able to help someone who’s experiencing burnout now.